Christmas in Red (and a little green)

I love shopping on Etsy!  I found some beautiful, classic pieces I’d love to have in my home this season:

‘Christmas Joy’ by personalitychildrens

















Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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November “Must-Dos”

In addition to school, homework, church, choir, piano, Cub Scouts and swim team, my 2 have just a few things they want to do this month:

  1. Go deer hunting.
  2. See a coyote—see #1.  (Christopher)
  3. Give a turkey “a shot”.  (We inject our turkey with a little marinate before roasting it!) (Addie and Christopher)
  4. Shop early in the morning on the day after Thanksgiving with Mom.  (My 10-year-old and I have gone out each year since she was one.  We may not buy much, but it makes for some fun Mommy-Addie time.) (Addie)
  5. Bake a pumpkin pie.
  6. Bake a pecan pie.

It’s a good thing we get a week off for Thanksgiving!!!


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#1 vs #2

It’s almost game time!  Whoo Hoo!

If you (or your hubby) follow college football, you know that tonight is the big match-up between the #1 ranked LSU and #2 ranked Alabama.  Being a Louisiana girl, I bet you can guess who I’m rooting for!

Either way, my most favorite game is coming up Thanksgiving weekend!  LSU vs. Arkansas is an interesting match-up–especially when your in-laws are from Arkansas!

Just note about shop shipping times: To receive your order by Thanksgiving week (Monday, the 21st), your order must be placed by Wednesday, November 9.

Don’t forget about the $45 gift certificate giveaway!  You can enter by signing up for our email newsletter over there in the right hand column!




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Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Appliqued Tee Shirt and Pants

I am so excited to offer something new in the shop—long-sleeve tee-shirts and pants sets!  These are perfect for your little boy who is just too big for a jon jon or long all.

Christmas Tree Applique Tee and Pant Set

This cute tree is made of 3 fun tiers—one in green cord, one in a fun green print, and one in a green broadcloth—and finished with a brown minky stem.  The shirt coordinates perfectly with these cute little green corduroy pants.

Christmas Tree Applique Tee shirt and Pants Set

These are available in sizes 12m, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5-6.  You can get yours here.

BTW, if you haven’t heard about it yet, I’m giving away a $45 gift certificate to my shop on Black Friday.  The details are here.

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Custom Classics for the Holidays

Christmas Appliques, Thanksgiving Appliques, Monograms

It seems a bit early to be talking Christmas, but I know you’re planning your Christmas pictures.  I can’t wait to help you plan the perfect Christmas outfit for your little one!  Keep reading for shipping dates, design ideas, and a giveaway!

This Christmas, you can select just what you need and PersonaliTy Children’s Clothes will create it for you.  Do you need red or green or royal blue?  Gingham or corduroy?  A jumper, a long-all, a jon jon or a bubble?  Which monogram?

101_0871 101_0711

This holiday there are just a few things to know:  My turn-around time is just a tad longer with the busyness.  Your item will be completed within 7 business days.  The very last days to order are:

  • To receive your garment by Thanksgiving with Priority Mail (2-3 day transit):  November 12th
  • To receive your garment by Thanksgiving with EXPRESS Mail (1-2 day transit):  November 19th
  • To receive your garment by Christmas Eve with Priority Mail (2-3 day transit):  December 12th
  • To receive your garment by Christmas Eve with EXPRESS Mail (1-2 day transit):  December 19th


Now for the giveaway:  I will giving away a $45 gift certificate on Friday, November 26th at noon.  There is only one way to enter and only one entry per person.  To enter, sign up for the shop newsletter.  You’ll see the sign-up over in the left hand column, just under my twitter, facebook, and email buttons.

Let me know what we can create for your little one this Christmas!  Happy Holidays!

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Happy Halloween!

Can you believe it is the end of October?!?!?!?! 

We’ve Fall Fest-ed and Trunk-r-Treat-ed.  Tonight we are back in our school week routine:  swim practice, baths, dinner, homework, piano practice, and bedtime.  No real time to T-r-T tonight.  Here’s a tiny glimpse into our weekend fun.

Robin Hood: 


Costume:  a tunic (Daddy’s oversized green tee) and brown tights (the bottoms to an Anakin Skywalker costume). Hat from this  This fabulous tutorial I found from CraftyStaci.  I love it.  (Wasn’t this a fantastic ruse to carry the new bow and arrow to church and show it off to a few friends.)

Kid in a Tee Shirt:  No costume, just a back story.  My Big Girl told a few friends that “Momma hasn’t made a costume” and that she would be a “kid in a tee shirt”.  Her friends thought it was funny, so that’s what she dressed as.  Poor, neglected “Kid in a Tee Shirt”. 


What/who did your little one dress as for Halloween? 

***By the way, PersonaliTy Children’s Clothes Holiday Boutique opens tomorrow!  Stop back by for lots of fun over the next 2 months.

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6 Things I wish I’d known (or I’m glad I knew) before my mammogram

****Hey Ya’ll.  Just a little disclaimer:  First, this has nothing to do with children’s clothes, but as women, there are just some things I think we should share information about.  I’m not a medical professional or such.  I’m basically just sharing my experience so that it may comfort you or a friend before their mammogram.

I had a mammogram today.  Nothing crazy is going on, but my obgyn said I needed a baseline screening at my recent check-up.  Here’s what I wish I’d known, or that I’m glad someone told me, before today:

1.  Some recommendations suggest that women have baseline mammograms at age 35.  I always thought it was 40, so my doctor really surprised me when he suggested I get a mammogram.  (I’m only 35 29.)

2.  The machine is this tall thing with a platform.  You stand up, they line you up and smoosh.  Why is it important to know you’re standing up?  Well, I wear dresses and skirts pretty much all the time.  Thankfully, I was in a blouse and skirt today and I only had to remove my top layer.  So…no dresses.

3.  No deodorant, powders, etc.  Thankfully, a friend mentioned this to me last night at church.  Apparently these can cause false reads.

4.  It really doesn’t hurt.  Really.  I promise.  It is uncomfortable, but for like 3 seconds.  Honestly, it was easier than an x-ray at the dentist with those crazy films they put in your mouth that almost gag you.  For the record, I did take a preemptive Advil dose.

5.  Your mammogram tech is not a radiologist, so she can’t give you any diagnostic info.  That said, Lisa (my friendly mammogram tech this morning) was full of information that I did need.  She told me when and how I would hear from the doctor’s office.  She also told me:

6.  “Don’t panic if you get called to come in for more views.”  Apparently, “re-dos” are quite common, mainly to establish that the baseline is all clear.  Good to know.

So, that’s it.  That’s what I’m glad I knew (or wish I’d known) before this morning.  Is there something you could add to the list?

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Custom Orders

I haven’t shown you any custom orders lately.  Here are a few favorites I’ve shipped out recently:101_0815 101_0608



If you have a custom order in mind, just email me.  I’ll be happy to help you create the perfect jon jon for your little one.

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Corduroy Longalls and Jumper

It’s almost fall, Y’all!

Have you started planning for Christmas?

Believe it or not, I have.  I’m following along with the Holiday Grand Plan over at .

On my list of things I’m planning for Christmas–two new Christmas outfits for my kids.  Have you been thinking about what your little one will wear?

How about some corduroy?

These little long-alls and jumpers can be completely customized with a monogram, a name, or a simple design.  Tone-on-tone designs are beautiful, but constrasting colors also make fun long-alls.

They also make wonderful sibling sets for the Holidays!  As always, you can find them at .

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Getting to Know Me

This past year, I’ve gotten to know lots of amazing Moms.  You’ve emailed me about your sweet babies so that we could design the perfect little jon jons and jumpers for them.  You’ve emailed me pictures of them.  Thank you.

I thought you might want to know a teensy bit more about me, so here are a few random fun facts.

1.  I’m originally from Zwolle.  Yep, that’s a line straight from Steel Magnolias.  But, it’s true.  I grew up in the small town of Zwolle, Louisiana.

2.  I teach 2-year-old Sunday School.  What a fun age!  These sweet babies come into my class wearing diapers and hardly stringing 2 words together.  When they leave at 3, they are wearing big kid britches and can almost repeat the whole Bible Story.  Lots of growing goes on when you are 2!

3.  I kinda have a thing for Sonic drinks.  Vanilla Cokes and Sprite with Lemon, specifically.

4.  I love to bake breads, cakes, cookies, whatever.  My favorite is my Gran Lois’s Old Stale Cake.  It tastes much better than it sounds, trust me.

5.  I still have all my Cabbage Patch dolls.  All 6 of them.  Really.  But, since my daughter doesn’t care to play with them, they are packed away in the top of a closet.  Sad.

Have a great week!

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