Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!  Forgive the delay in a Christmas post.  We’ve been busy enjoying the company of our families and friends and I’ve almost forgotten about the computer.

Christmas Morning 2011

What fun to watch my kids on Christmas morning!  They were so excited to open their eyes to find surprises and wishes.  We kept it small (only 1 gift from us and 2 from Santa).  It was also so exciting to see the excitement on their faces as they gave family members gifts that they had chosen or made especially for them!

As we celebrate one more day of Christmas with our family, please let me share with you the reason I celebrate on December 25th (and 364.25 other days of the year too): God made us humans in His own image, to commune with Him. He gave us free will as a part of that amazing plan. Satan tempted Eve, she tasted the fruit and now she/we understand good and evil. Sadly, over the centuries, our world has chosen the easy, worldly way. God gave Moses a set of rules. People couldn’t handle these, so we turned them into a jumbo mess. So God made it easier. He sent Jesus. Just like that, a part of God became a baby, something simple that people could/should’ve been able to understand. Then, the ultimate in sacrifices, this perfect sinless man died. When He did, He took the punishment for my sins. Pretty amazing if you ask me.  Here’s the best part of the story! He didn’t stay dead. He returned 3 days later from that stone-sealed tomb and today He reigns, both in Heaven and in the hearts of His believers. Thank you God for sending that Baby so I could “get it”!

Merry Christmas my friends!




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Welcome to this little blog. I'm Salinda. I'm a momma who loves to sew. I have 2 big kids now--6 and 9, but I still love making classics for little ones. I'm a Louisiana girl, so my shop is stocked with Southern classics. You'll find seersucker and gingham, jon jons and jumpers, and lots of monogramming! And, like any good Louisiana girl, you can count on me to provide you with lots of purple and gold and black and gold. I'm married to a great guy who does all he can to support my work from home business. We love our Jesus, each other, our kids, and Saints football. Guests in our home can always find a pot of sweet tea brewing or a hot pot of Community Coffee.
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