November “Must-Dos”

In addition to school, homework, church, choir, piano, Cub Scouts and swim team, my 2 have just a few things they want to do this month:

  1. Go deer hunting.
  2. See a coyote—see #1.  (Christopher)
  3. Give a turkey “a shot”.  (We inject our turkey with a little marinate before roasting it!) (Addie and Christopher)
  4. Shop early in the morning on the day after Thanksgiving with Mom.  (My 10-year-old and I have gone out each year since she was one.  We may not buy much, but it makes for some fun Mommy-Addie time.) (Addie)
  5. Bake a pumpkin pie.
  6. Bake a pecan pie.

It’s a good thing we get a week off for Thanksgiving!!!



About personalitychildrensclothes

Welcome to this little blog. I'm Salinda. I'm a momma who loves to sew. I have 2 big kids now--6 and 9, but I still love making classics for little ones. I'm a Louisiana girl, so my shop is stocked with Southern classics. You'll find seersucker and gingham, jon jons and jumpers, and lots of monogramming! And, like any good Louisiana girl, you can count on me to provide you with lots of purple and gold and black and gold. I'm married to a great guy who does all he can to support my work from home business. We love our Jesus, each other, our kids, and Saints football. Guests in our home can always find a pot of sweet tea brewing or a hot pot of Community Coffee.
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