Happy Halloween!

Can you believe it is the end of October?!?!?!?! 

We’ve Fall Fest-ed and Trunk-r-Treat-ed.  Tonight we are back in our school week routine:  swim practice, baths, dinner, homework, piano practice, and bedtime.  No real time to T-r-T tonight.  Here’s a tiny glimpse into our weekend fun.

Robin Hood: 


Costume:  a tunic (Daddy’s oversized green tee) and brown tights (the bottoms to an Anakin Skywalker costume). Hat from this  This fabulous tutorial I found from CraftyStaci.  I love it.  (Wasn’t this a fantastic ruse to carry the new bow and arrow to church and show it off to a few friends.)

Kid in a Tee Shirt:  No costume, just a back story.  My Big Girl told a few friends that “Momma hasn’t made a costume” and that she would be a “kid in a tee shirt”.  Her friends thought it was funny, so that’s what she dressed as.  Poor, neglected “Kid in a Tee Shirt”. 


What/who did your little one dress as for Halloween? 

***By the way, PersonaliTy Children’s Clothes Holiday Boutique opens tomorrow!  Stop back by for lots of fun over the next 2 months.


About personalitychildrensclothes

Welcome to this little blog. I'm Salinda. I'm a momma who loves to sew. I have 2 big kids now--6 and 9, but I still love making classics for little ones. I'm a Louisiana girl, so my shop is stocked with Southern classics. You'll find seersucker and gingham, jon jons and jumpers, and lots of monogramming! And, like any good Louisiana girl, you can count on me to provide you with lots of purple and gold and black and gold. I'm married to a great guy who does all he can to support my work from home business. We love our Jesus, each other, our kids, and Saints football. Guests in our home can always find a pot of sweet tea brewing or a hot pot of Community Coffee.
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