6 Things I wish I’d known (or I’m glad I knew) before my mammogram

****Hey Ya’ll.  Just a little disclaimer:  First, this has nothing to do with children’s clothes, but as women, there are just some things I think we should share information about.  I’m not a medical professional or such.  I’m basically just sharing my experience so that it may comfort you or a friend before their mammogram.

I had a mammogram today.  Nothing crazy is going on, but my obgyn said I needed a baseline screening at my recent check-up.  Here’s what I wish I’d known, or that I’m glad someone told me, before today:

1.  Some recommendations suggest that women have baseline mammograms at age 35.  I always thought it was 40, so my doctor really surprised me when he suggested I get a mammogram.  (I’m only 35 29.)

2.  The machine is this tall thing with a platform.  You stand up, they line you up and smoosh.  Why is it important to know you’re standing up?  Well, I wear dresses and skirts pretty much all the time.  Thankfully, I was in a blouse and skirt today and I only had to remove my top layer.  So…no dresses.

3.  No deodorant, powders, etc.  Thankfully, a friend mentioned this to me last night at church.  Apparently these can cause false reads.

4.  It really doesn’t hurt.  Really.  I promise.  It is uncomfortable, but for like 3 seconds.  Honestly, it was easier than an x-ray at the dentist with those crazy films they put in your mouth that almost gag you.  For the record, I did take a preemptive Advil dose.

5.  Your mammogram tech is not a radiologist, so she can’t give you any diagnostic info.  That said, Lisa (my friendly mammogram tech this morning) was full of information that I did need.  She told me when and how I would hear from the doctor’s office.  She also told me:

6.  “Don’t panic if you get called to come in for more views.”  Apparently, “re-dos” are quite common, mainly to establish that the baseline is all clear.  Good to know.

So, that’s it.  That’s what I’m glad I knew (or wish I’d known) before this morning.  Is there something you could add to the list?


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